California Teardrops



Stay warm and Enjoy the Snow!

Are you looking for a great winter weekend get away? Rent a teardrop and have an amazing weekend in the Sierra Nevada foothills! Only in California can we be so lucky to spent the morning kayaking a lake and the afternoon skiing or snowmobiling in the mountains and theĀ Sierra Nevada foothills act as a perfect base for a weekend camping get away. Perfect for these times during COVID. Read more “Stay warm and Enjoy the Snow!”

Indian Valley Reservoir

Are you looking for a remote place to camp within a few hours of the city? We’ve found it! Walker Ridge Top near by Indian Valley Reservoir offers just that. Remote camping, hiking, a lake and some beautiful views all within 2 hours of the San Francisco Bay Area. Read more “Indian Valley Reservoir”

Bodie, CA

California is packed with ghost towns and few are as well preserved as Bodie, CA. Today we explore what Bodie has to offer 100 years after it was built.

Read more “Bodie, CA”