Indian Valley Reservoir

Indian Valley Reservoir

Are you looking for a remote place to camp within a few hours of the city? We’ve found it! Walker Ridge Top near by Indian Valley Reservoir offers just that. Remote camping, hiking, a lake and some beautiful views all within 2 hours of the San Francisco Bay Area.

This past weekend we spent at Walker Ridge Top Camp ground. This is a very primitive camp site with no water or toilets but amazing 360 degree views of the valleys around, including the lake. Just 3 miles farther down the road are two camp grounds with pit toilets and running water called Blue Oak Campground.  There’s also a few more camp sites right at the lake, so you could setup there and walk over to the lake.

The Cache Creek area is beautiful in the spring with rolling green hills and many hikes. We did two hikes this past weekend, the first was a 10 mile out and back called the Judge Davis Trail head. You can do this as a through hike if you have two cars. This was a very nice trail but there’s no shade at all and you can see some of the bad burn damage. I’d suggest you get out there in the winter or early in the day as it got hot quickly with no shade.

The second trail we did was just a quick 3 mile hike called the Lynch Canyon Trail. This one was much better and had some great shade and rivers for the puppy to play in!

Explore around this area on the dirt roads and you’re bound to find many other unmarked camp sites with beautiful views. We found 3 others along the side of the road that would have made for great camping.

The afternoon we spent relaxing in the shade at the lake. Bring your kayak or canoe and enjoy an afternoon on the water. The lake was crystal clear and flat while we were there and counted only 5 other boats. All of them were just fishing and relaxing. We ran into one man who was out paddle boarding and he said the water was very refreshing.

If you get bored or too hot, there’s always the Cache Creek Casino only a quick 20 minute drive away!

Rent one of our teardrops and get out to Indian Valley Reservoir! It’s close to the city, offers many great activities including hiking and boating.