California Teardrops

Towing Requirements

Towing Requirements

Our trailers are all much lighter then most camper trailers out there. But your Tow vehicle will determine which of our units is best for you. In order to tow one of our units your tow vehicle must have the following:

  • Tow hitch with adequate capacity for the trailer you are renting. Check your hitch and tow vehicles Owner’s Manual to ensure it meets the minimum requirements.
  • 2″ Ball – This is a standard for most vehicles but please check your ball to be sure.
  • Electrical connector – See the table below
  • Insurance – You can either opt into our insurance policy for a small fee or you can provide your own. We do require an insurance binder for anyone who is not opting into our insurance

All our trailers are wired to connect to a standard 7-pin RV connector. For all our T@B Trailers (Yosemite and Lassen) a 7-pin connector is mandatory since they have electronic brakes. Our T@G Trailers (Joshua Tree) are wired for a 7-pin connector, but we have an adapter that will let you connect these using a 4pin connector if needed.

If you do not already have a 7-pin connector on your vehicle, almost any auto shop or U-Haul can add one for about an hour’s work. If you don’t already have at least a 4-pin connector you can expect to pay a little more. If you already have a 4-pin connector and are feeling handy you can install a 7-pin yourself. Check out this one for $12 on amazon. Just be sure to have the 12v power from battery installed.

Normally your tow vehicle would need to have a brake controller wired into and mounted on your dashboard. To avoid that, we have installed an advanced RF braking system on all our trailers. This means all you need to do is plug in your vehicle and you’re good to go. There’s no need to invest in an electronic bake controller.

TrailerDry WeightTongue WeightBall HeightBrakesConnector RequiredMin TV CapacityLength with Hitch
Nucamp TAG1046lbs170lbs18″None7pin or 4pin flat*1500lbs12′
NuCamp TAB 3201826lbs198lbs18″Electric7pin2500lbs15′
NuCamp TAB 4002690lbs400lbs18″Electric7pin3500lbs18′

Please note that if using a 4 pin to 7 pin connector that the battery WILL NOT CHARGE while you tow the trailer.

Black water cleaning

When renting one of our units with a bathroom it is your responsibility to clean the black tank before returning the unit. We provide you with gloves, a black water hose and cleaning products. Please review the below video for a general instructions on how to clean the black water tank